Monday, June 30, 2014

Playing with UN EP Cycles

In the beginning was an empty playing field, a blank rectangular void split down the middle by a one-dimensional boundary marker. All was silence.

With my cursor I made a mark, and the mark became a pattern that expanded outward and repeated itself, infinitely. At each moment as the mark crossed the middle of the playing field—from either direction—a musical piano note sounded from somewhere beyond the darkness, into my headphones.

This was good.

I made other marks of different shape, size, and speed of gesture. Swift long lines scratched across the screen in rapid succession and quickly faded. I drew short circles that became enormous, swelling spirals. A rich musical tapestry began to cover the empty space.

I wrote out my name in cursive in the bottom corner of the screen. It appeared again and again—right side up, then upside down, then on its side, and back to right side up. Slowly but steadily it grew beyond its corner of origin, until finally—several minutes later—it began to cross the threshold and contribute to the spontaneous musical event.

The musical abstraction swelled and receded as I at turns drew and listened, drew and listened. I looked at the weird shapes and images that were coming into focus and thought to myself, 'Hey, this is pretty good.'


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